Importer and manufacturer of high quality hygiene products

Holland Papier Groep is an independent import and export company of high quality hygiene products.

With appropriate pride we welcom you to the website of Holland Papier Groep.

The purpose of this website is to inform you about the company Holland Papier Groep, where she stands for and why it is interesting for you to do business with her.

Holland Papier Groep is an independent and sustainable import and export company of high quality hygiene products. In accordance with the demand in the market, the Holland Papier Groep will purchase largely to fullfill this need. Because of the huge stock and her perfect logistic handling the Holland Papier Groep can and will deliver their costumers within 24 hours. Our products are packed in neutral and good solid packaging what can be very important to you as a costumer. So you not only get a fast and targeted service, you will also have the ability to advertise for your own business! You can order private label products from one pallet per product. Would you rather be a reseller of our premium brand, you can become a preferred supplier of the brand HollandPapier®.

Ordered today, delivered tomorrow!

  • Combination pallets no problem!
  • Superior quality paper and beautiful packaging!
  • Your own label starting from one pallet!
  • Huge stock!
  • Always everything in stock!
  • Clear image library!
  • The healthiest tissue company in the Netherlands!
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Why our customers are satisfied

The Holland Papier Groep BV uses a bloody sharp selling price for its dealers. There we add good and very personal service to it.

Since 2004, the Holland Papier Groep BV has a unchanged partnership with six leading Italian manufacturers of hygienic paper. There have been no negative changes in quality since 2004. The Holland Papier Groep BV supplies particularly oldfashioned, so very, high quality.

The Holland Papier Groep BV also maintains a huge inventory, so you will never miss anything. Also during the likelyhood of an epidemic, such as the swine flu or the Ebola virus our stock is sufficient for supplying all of our resellers. The Holland Papier Groep BV has a storage capacity of over 5,000 pallets of hygienic paper, soap and garbage bags.

The Holland Papier Groep BV foresight in an increasingly changing market. So we focus on traditional wholesalers, but also on the internet dealers. For internet retailers, we have a nice photo bank with unbranded pictures of our products. Due to the very competitive pricing you’ll be able to take a strong sales position on the internet and local market.

Finally, you will enjoy doing business with a healthy business. Unfortunately, in the hygiene industry increasingly unhealthy companies are active, which is not visible from the outside. This is your business risk with a view to continuity. When you are doing business with the Holland Papier Groep BV you don’t need to worry about this at all. The Holland Papier Groep BV has received a financial health award! Graydon awards the Holland Papier Groep BV with the highest financial rating, a AAA rating! The Holland Papier Groep BV is, with this rating, the healthiest supplier of hygienic paper in the Netherlands

Sustainable and responsible

Due to increasing demand for environmentally friendly products, the Holland Papier Groep BV has a wide range of environmentally friendly hygiene products for a very long time. There are products with the European Ecolabel and the Tree4Tree label. The European Ecolabel is an initiative of the European Union and aims to reduce the burden on the environment. The European Eco-label is related to the manner of manufacture and on the raw materials which are used in the production of our paper. Tree4Tree is an initiative of responsible companies in the commodities industry which actually physically pay attention to the future of our nature.

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