Holland Papier Groep BV expands!

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Holland Papier Groep BV expands!

Through years have undergone strong growth, we have grown our premises. Therefore, we will from June 10, 2013 into our new premises at Industrieweg 15-D in Assendelft. In addition, the new distribution center will be linked to our in-use distribution center in the adjacent building. Will move our office at the above address. With the commissioning of our new logistics center grows our capacity to almost 5,000 pallets. This will continue as wholesale assured of the best deals and continuity.

Finally, some strong facts:

  1. A natural partnership with six leading Italian manufacturers of hygienic paper since 2004!
  2. Since 2004, no change quality paper!
  3. Since October 2011 Graydon Holland Paper Group BV will grant the highest AAA rating. Allows the Holland Paper Group BV is the healthiest supplier of hygienic paper in the Netherlands! (See our open account opencompanies.nl
  4. Very large stock!
  5. Foresight for wholesale in a changing market!
  6. In addition to the A-line, there has recently been a REAL budget line without loss of quality!
    No advertising commercials or products. Everything is blank!

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