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Veelgestelde vragen aan de Holland Papier Groep

How can I order?
You can order by phone, fax or e-mail.

What is the delivery time of Holland Papier Groep?
Holland Papier Groep handles a delivery time of 24 hours. This, after consultation and under reserve.

What is the freight paid sum of Holland Papier Groep?
The freight paid sum is € 475,-- ex-taxes. Below this amount we will have to charge € 35,-- administration- and delivery costs.

Does Holland Papier Groep delivers to the end consumer?
No. Holland Papier Groep only delivers to dealers. When Holland Papier Groep will be approached by a end consumer we will find a local dealer in position to help him further with the products of Holland Papier Groep.

Does Holland Papier Groep participate on Fairs and Events?
No. Holland Papier Groep will not take part in any fair or event in The Netherlands. Participation in fairs and events is rejected by Holland Papier Groep, because we believe it won’t add any positive effect to our service and sales. Holland Papier Groep rather stands ready for you the whole year round then only on a stand on a fair. If you appreciate, Holland Papier Groep much rather like to visit you personally to discuss your needs and possibilities. So you can come, in all clearness, to good and solid agreements with one of the advisors of Holland Papier Groep.

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Voor al uw vragen staat we u graag te woord, neem contact met ons via het contactformulier

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